Unlock the Power Within You for a Harmonious and Fulfilling Life

Align your physical, mental and emotional states into a harmonious flow of balanced, uplifting energies. When your heart, mind and body are in sync and radiating the same positive frequencies, you tap into the power of your heart’s intuition and innate wisdom. Using tailored and unique modalities to guide you into this optimal state where inspiration, creativity and inner peace arise naturally.

Achieve true inner peace, tranquility, and purpose in this life

Are you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or out of sync with your true self? Do you long for a sense of peace, purpose, and harmony in your life? If so, you’re in the right place. Soul alignment can help people just like you tap into the transformative power of unifying your heart and mind, guiding you towards a more authentic and joyful existence.


Imagine a life where stress melts away, and you effortlessly navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. My heart-centered approach combines cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to align your heart, mind, and body, creating a lasting positive change.

Find your SPARK again…..

Discover the Key to Emotional
Balance and Clarity

I’m Becca, Heart – Mind Alignment Guide

Many of us are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or trapped in a cycle of negative emotions that come from unhealed trauma and pain, being over-stressed & overwhelmed by life, leaving us feeling unmotivated or lacking purpose. My unique programs are designed to guide you through exercises, many that are scientifically proven to help alleviate these issues, giving you a roadmap to overcome emotional barriers and achieve a state of authentic harmony and sustainable peace.

Through personalized guidance and tailored practices, you’ll learn how to cultivate emotional balance, reduce anxiety, and increase your overall well-being. Proven techniques help you develop resilience, enhance your focus, and experience greater clarity, intuition, and enabling you to make confident decisions and pursue your goals with unwavering determination.


Ready to Join An Amazing Community? The SOUL ODYSSEY Circle

Uniting Souls in a group that understands, let’s navigate this journey together with empathy and support

Experience Soul Alignment and Connection in a Supportive Community Where You Never Have to Walk Alone

Becca England

Heart – Mind Alignment Guide

It is my mission is to guide women on a transformative journey towards inner peace, enlightenment, and renewed purpose. With empathy and unwavering support, I empower you to reclaim your authentic selves, release the weight of trauma, and cultivate harmonious growth and success. Through holistic and alternative modalities, I provide the tools and guidance needed to ignite profound transformation and create lives filled with joy, fulfillment, and alignment.

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